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Oregon's Finest Medical Healing Cannabis At MiamiPuff.com, we are not just a cannabis provider; we are purveyors of healing and art. Our mission is to offer Oregon’s finest medical-grade cannabis, designed not just to elevate your experience but to promote holistic well-being.

I've only made 2 orders so far but both orders have been processed, shipped and received very quick, even through these rough times. I will continue to use KikiPuff. Very reliable, honest and great quality bud. Also very great prices and they seem to have amazing promos:)
Mila Kunit

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Our Promise

Healing Cannabis: We handpick the most positive weed, fostering an environment of healing and mood enhancement. Artistic Promotion: We stand by young artists, showcasing their talents on our products. Women Empowerment: Through our platform, we amplify the voices and presence of women in the cannabis industry.

Our Selection

We don’t just sell; we offer a curated experience. Our selection is about setting the right tone for your day. With three distinct strains, you can choose how you want to feel:

Upper (Sativa): Ignite creativity, energy, and positivity.
Relax (Hybrid): Find your balance and unwind.
Calm (Indica): Soothe your spirit and relax deeply.
Our Standards
Quality Products: Sealed and packed to maintain freshness, our flowers bloom under strict health regulations in Oregon.
Hand-Rolled Perfection: Our prerolls are crafted from flower only, no shakes or stems, rolled in RAW natural hemp cones.
Empower Your Purchase: With each transaction, you get a 100% refund guarantee and a chance to give back, with 10% going to a fund of your choice.

Our Commitment

Fast Delivery: Expect your comfort in 3 days or less.
Security: Discreet and encrypted data collection, with a variety of secure payment options, including major credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, Bitcoin, CashApp, Zelle, and Venmo.
Puff smoke shop At MiamiPuff.com, puffing is more than inhaling; it’s an artistic statement, a stand against negativity, and a stride towards healing. We puff to create, to heal, and to empower. Choose your attitude, choose your size, and shop puff with dignity.
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